Saturday, April 2, 2011

Science of the Soul - Reincarnation

This is another clip that was featured in Science of the Soul that I watched a few months ago on History International.   Incredibly fascinating, another reason I was able to watch this for 2 hours at 2am in the morning.

What is interesting, is that I think many if not all of us, have these experiences in youth but later 'forget' or don't recall maybe as well as the person next to us.   I had similar events around the age of 4, including the beginning of a 'nightmare' that followed me into adulthood as a reoccurring, occasional dream.  For 2 days after I first had this nightmare at 4, I felt as if I were walking through fog everywhere, in slow motion - nothing felt 'right' even though everything looked familiar.  That soon passed but I still recall those feelings afterwards.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Numerology and possible link to 3 infamous dates in recent and future history

I just realized this - and wanted to share, I know many of us are sending good thoughts/prayer/light/energy to help those in Japan, and I also know many who read this forum have other interests/abilities..   I just realized 2 tragic dates equal another infamous date, and am sharing this for all and for some possible insight. 

9-11-01  Terrorist attacks on US
3-10-11  Japan Earthquake
12-21-12 Well we all know about this date as of recent... 

Lets also put forth our energies of all helpful sorts not only into the present but into the past and future I feel.  Never forget, and always be prepared (to help!), 2 things to remember. 


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Science of the Soul

I watched this entire 2 hour show last week (Science of the Soul, on History International) at 2am in the morning (A great set of syncs that caused me to: be awake at 2am, able to watch TV in bed, and not be tired - all at once). This is a clip (there are a few other parts of it on youtube for your searching) that I was interested in and found when searching for more information about this show/episode.

I found this show to be incredibly amazing, simply gripped me for the full 2 hours.   As science begins to 'point' at the soul/spirit within, it's going to be hard for us all to ignore who and 'what' we truly are. Not that many doubt this - however 'how' they interpret the soul, may be another matter entirely. It'a always a debate - because what does happen to our spirit\soul lays outside this 3D reality we are trapped in; it's almost impossible to imagine - I do feel great spirits of the past and present, have done just this however. This is what beings such as Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad were awakened to and tried to share with us. When our next great being comes, will we be able to pay heed to all the teachings, or will we all as a whole, 'be' our own, great being?


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Science investigates Meditation benefits

Original post on here:

Science is finally beginning to 'validate' what people such as 
myself have been saying for thousands of years!  I think that is a 
great step forward for anyone who feels their empathic nature strongly 
enough to say 'I am empathic' or 'I am an Empath'.   All humans may 
say this, as we each open up to it.  As is - we're like the marines; 
the few, and the proud.   :)   That is not to say that 'we' will prove/ 
disprove everything we run into in life or the universe with 
science...  However science is our 'tool' to 'measure' the universe 
around us and everything in it.  Science doesn't 'have' to be the 
enemy of the unknown, it can be the champion instead if given the 
proper direction to investigate in! 

I for one am glad they are looking into this field and the benefits of
meditation for the human well-being (outside of just empathy) - this
isn't just a scientist going 'Hey I think these Meditating folks are
right, something is cooking in their noodle when they sit and think" -
this is actual scientific testing taking place that shows actual
changes in brainwave patterns which effect how we think and process -
and react.   Science 'has' identified the parts of the brain that are
active and control how and when we are feeling empathetic, this being
the Limbic system.  The Limbic system is a ring of closely connected
brain structures consisting of the Thalamus, Hypothalamus,
Hippocampus, and Amygdala.  Each controls a certain 'step' or
'portion' of the formation of Emotions - Empathy.  

I'm glad of my talent and happy to be able to identify it, I am proud
of it, and identify with others who feel the same. 

I'd like to take it a step further, and be able to 'explain' how it
works, why it works, how you can strengthen this ability - which is
what my post about Meditation is about.  My post was not intended to
say we cannot be compassionate or Empathetic without meditation, but
that the act 'of' meditation strengthens the areas of the brain that
'create' emotion and empathetic feelings.  Where we each take it from
there is up to us. 

If One says they are empathic - wouldn't One want to strengthen this
ability or get to know the causes/functions of said ability?  (Which
actually is a great step for some, as so many are ready to just 'turn
off' this ability and really 'don't' care for it, sadly..)  I can
transform a bush or small tree into a  bonsai - but I seek teachings
so that I do it well, and my trees live and flourish more and so that
I understand what my trees need (Generally they just tell me - but I
bet you know what I mean).  We go to school to educate our minds so
that we can 'do' more in our lives and understand more of the world
around us.    This is what I'm expressing about meditation and empathy

The ability to use a skillset (meditation), to increase your mental
capacity 'for' empathy and mindful, calm, compassionate thinking.   :) 

Again, it's not for everyone (running or jogging is good for the body
as well - but I hate it!), however I do realize and accept the
benefits of One who jogs or runs and what that does for them - and
what it 'could' do for me if I got over my dislike, and did it.. (Good
luck there!)  :D 


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Grid - united Consciousness's effects on Reality

I think on a level outside our 3d existence - we are sharing/melding 
our energies into 1 gridwork that effects the local '3d' environment. 
That gridwork reflects many levels and types of interest; with many 'grids' for 
various energies that are in play.    In effect; within an enclosed 
part of time-space, we 'do' effect our reality on a grand scale by our 
individual energies pooled into 'One'.  We don't drive 'One', it's a 
reflection of us.  within this grid, we can 'mass effect' our reality, 
and on smaller scales we each can impart or 'drive' our own separate 
realities to a point.  The more energy you put in, the bigger 'bubble' 
around yourself you create of 'instability' or..  Your ability to be 
an individual (ego) in this existence.  How do you put that energy 
in?  By now having big 'walls' of beliefs, by having mental and 
physical focus to effect yourself and the reality around you.  Your 
ability to get 'others' to see and share in 'your' view of reality. 
(Hitler, although not the best being around for so many reasons, had 
quite the 'charm' or.. ability to project his reality and turn others 
to 'his' view).  Imagine, how a being working for 'good' with that 
sort of energetic focus, could/would do?  (All the prophets and 
spiritual beings from so many religions comes to mind in me, with that 

So back to that 3d gridwork, and my 'model'.   Within this grid, we
effect our reality.  It's a physical barrier (we only know about life
on earth, so that's where our influence is right?)  Imagine if we did
habitate the moon or Mars - we would then begin to effect reality
there, and also the already-existing 'grid' there would become inter-
connected with ours. 

I feel as I said that this is really astral travel - OOB, spirit 
walking, whatever you may call it in your beliefs.  For some it's
easier than others - some walk in both worlds at once, or just by
sitting and thinking they get there quickly.   For me it takes a bit
of focus and timing.  Sometimes this happens in dreams, and just about
as many times in meditation.  To get there, I generally do a
meditation using death pose in yoga to relax my body totally (close to
being asleep - awake, probably why it works for me this way 'while'
awake).  I focus inwards, allow myself to 'sink' in then 'rise'
upwards suddenly.  On the way up it's all colors of gold and white,
then things get grey then pop, I'm just there and flying around.  Once
I come to a focus point and I'm not moving, I just seem to look like
'me'.  no sudden transformation, I don't think about it, just blink -
if there's travel and I'm aware of the travel, I'm a CD while doing

It's going to be different for each being I think, some will be
similar and almost the same, but for others it will be a totally
different experience - this may cause some to doubt their own
validation of what they see/feel at times, may cause some to react
with fear and will be so different from their own ideas that it seems
'wrong'.   Thank goodness we can all be different is all I can think
to that, change is the way of the universe, nothing is static;  To try
to exist as static energy will cause you to burn out as does a
lightbulb's filament.  What we 'think' is reality could change in the
blink of an eye, better to be accepting of our differences; it allows
for easier melding of our energy in the grid, unconsciously we are all
working towards this, the current effect is this unconscious effect on
our 'grid' our 'reality'.  That being conflict in our world since
beginning of 'time'.  It'll continue on that's how change works,  The
key is can we get to a point where we are more accepting at least (no
wars, more talk) so our energies (our world and race) can 'gestate' to
a better point.. 
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